My wife and I have used Solutions Financial Services for our health and life insurance services for some years now.  We are very happy with the way they have conducted their business with and for us. From the introductory meetings and discussion of the options that best suited with Kevin to the completing of the insurance contracts. Subsequent follow up and assistance with any health claims, particularly with Colleen the service has been first class, fast and professional.

We would be happy to recommend their assistance with your needs.

Kind regards,

Paul & Greta Ashton


I have been a client of Kevin Smee’s since the late ‘80s when I bought my first house. These days I deal with Solutions Financial Services for Business Insurance, Trauma Cover, Health Insurance, Life Insurance and Total and Permanent Disability. My husband, mother, brother and sister-in-law are also clients. Recently through a recommendation from Solutions I was helped to set up a Trust for myself and my business. Solutions Financial Services is an efficient, friendly, well run business and I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin and his team for any aspect of Risk Management.

Tracey Bos

Andrews Soft Furnishing


I am happy to record that I have found Kevin Smee's advice over the many years I have dealt with him to be reliable, comprehensive and well considered.  His recommendations have proved invaluable.  When medical issues occurred some time ago, the entitlement to draw upon a Policy through an extra feature that he had recommended was an enormous help just when it was needed.  I have also found his staff at Solutions to be courteous, efficient and capable in all my dealings with them.


Peter Thorp


Solutions Financial services are not only our Insurance brokers over the years they have also become friends. They have evenings regularly to introduce you to their other clients who come from all walks of life and businesses which makes networking easy. We have met accountants, trust solicitors ,website guys and all sorts of very friendly people, we are never forced into making decisions that we dont want or cant afford. We have also been able to promote our own business at the same time.

Kevin Smee and Colleen La Touche are the 2 people who we work closely with and are the most helpful and inspirational people you could ever hope to deal with.


George & Glenda Thompson

Warkworth Tanks


Dear Kevin,
I fell a bit remiss at not doing this sooner but I am writing to say thank you for your help with our recent insurance claim with AIG.  AIG have paid the $100,000.00 for the claim relating to to Louise’s breast cancer.  To us this is a large sum of money and we have used it for paying some expenses but are also going to use a large chunk of it for a trip to England and Europe including stops in London, Paris, Vienna, Venice and Rome.  This has always been Louise’s dream and we plan had planned to do the trip once the boys were older and had left home,  Our recent brush with cancer has made us realise that we should do the trip now while we can and the insurance payment has allowed us to fulfill that dream.  If it wasn’t for your advice and good planning when we arranged the initial insurance cover we wouldn’t now be in this position.  So please accept our heartfelt thanks and wishes.


Robert and Louise


Brian’s Story!
Nobody likes to think they will get sick!  Least of all ME!  I am a fit healthy non-smoker, tee-totaller, sporty? Athletic 58 year old.  I sound too good to be true!...  Took out medical insurance …”Murphy’s Law” Philosophy of you have it, you may not need to use it!

Well I was running along the beach, got a slight twinge and shortness of breath…NO PAIN-NO GAIN! Sprang to mind and Sooo I ran through it….Well, needless to say, had my little routine visit at the GP which is encouraged in us older lads these days, I casually mentioned it…

First question asked!!!... Do you have private medical insurance Brian…”BINGO” I answered correctly! The stress ECG was booked in for the next day.  The Cardiologist wanted to see me the day after that!  The angiogram was required ASAP{2 days hence…  I was told that I would require to meet with a Cardiac Surgeon as By-pass was required!  Alas, I am going to the South Island for a holiday next week!  “That’s ok Brian, the day after you return you will be the first case in the morning!"

Why am I telling you my story?

I am a very lucky man…I was able to have the surgery PRONTO and have choices in the situation!

$30,000 later, I have not had to pay a cent…nor have I had to wait in any QUEUE and to ICE the cake, I got Critical Conditions Cover payout!  This takes the stress out of not only having a major illness but also the worry of not having the money to pay the bills that just keep coming.

Your most important asset is the ability to continue to earn an income.

Managing the risk is essential to be assured of a comfortable future lifestyle"

Yours Sincerely,

Brian Sheehy



Hi Kevin
I just wanted to say thank you for spending longer than you needed to, talking with Mike and I last Thursday night – especially as you had a red eye flight to Wellington the next morning.  I did think about how tired you would be when I was rushing around Friday morning but I really did appreciate the effort you made as your comments really gave Mike ‘food for thought’.  Comments from the wife have not been given the same consideration!
I attended a KPMG tax briefing this morning and John Key was the guest speaker – a very personable presenter.  He reiterated your comments about our aging population and the cost of healthcare.  More food for thought…
Thanks very much to you and Colleen for organising our insurances.  Your expertise is very much appreciated.

Kind regards


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