We believe all New Zealanders should be insured. successful. secure. protected.

Our belief is to protect and grow wealth for our clients.

Solutions Financial Services is a 100% New Zealand owned leading consultancy firm that helps clients to understand the complexity of money, finance, Wills and insurance so that their dreams and goals come true. We do this by helping our clients to 'get things right' by bringing the skills of like minded professionals and experts in their field together so that we truly understand where people are, and where they are heading. It could be as simple as getting cash flow right and understanding where your money has gone, to complex issues surrounding business such as shareholder agreements and buy sell issues.
Solutions is the premier advice organisation that people turn to when they want to be introduced to specialist's that truly offer the best advice for Money, Wealth and long term Security.

Who We Are

Solutions Financial Services is run like a family business and was originally started by Nicola and Kevin Smee to look after and protect like-minded families and business owners. We aim to help them assess the risk in their life and/or business by putting together straight forward 'Solutions' that would work for them!

For 20 years Solutions has grown to become one of the largest independently New Zealand owned Risk Brokerages. We pride ourselves on bringing the best products and services to our clients all over the country.

Families grow and circumstances change, it can be confusing trying to prepare for these changes alone. Working together with other professionals can let you live, rather than being worried about the unknown. Our ideology is to holistically look after our clients to the best of our ability. Doing so by growing our network of professionals advisers around us so that if our clients have any questions or concerns, we trust who we are referring them to.

Our History