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At Solutions, we help you to prepare and protect your family and business if the worst was to happen. We do this through a holistic approach of risk management, looking at all parts of financial services, not just one.

If you can't provide for your family due to an accident, health issues or worst death! We help you make a plan to make sure your family is secure financially.

Our Products


Life Cover

Life Cover provides a lump sum cover payment for you family to pay off a mortgage and provide an income for your spouse after you pass away.


Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover provides a lump sum payment to allow recovery time if you have a heart attack, diagnosed with cancer or other major illness.


Total and Permanent Disability Cover

Total and Permanent Disability Cover pays you a lump sum payment to pay off your mortgage and allow an income if you are unable to return to work again.


Income Protection

Income Protection pays monthly to replace your income to fund your lifestyle if you are unable to work for a period of time.


Health Cover

Health Cover pays your medical bills and allows you to have private medical cover and not wait on public waiting lists.


Business Debt Protection

Commonly, business debt is guaranteed against family homes. If you or your business partner can't produce business revenue, this cover pays your corporate debt to protect your guarantees.


Business Key Person Cover

If your key revenue producer was unable to work, this can dramatically effect a business. Key Person Cover can cover replacement of that person OR cover the revenue amount produced by them.


Business Share-Purchase Cover

If you business partner needs to be paid out of the business due to death or illness, how are you going to fund this? Share-purchase cover funds this and allows options to continue or close the business.

and more...

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Risk Management

Risk Management is about confronting the possibilities of tragedies before they become real and ensuring all areas of your financial well-being are inline and protected.

We help you to identify the impacting events that exist in your family and business. We then design and facilitate personalised strategies to protect YOU and the KEY people in your world from these events! Have your Lawyer and Accountant even met to understand your investments or business? Does your Will mention your Trust and how you wish your assets to be split up?
We all work hard to create our assets, why expose them to untimely event's such as the loss of a wife/mother, a father/breadwinner, the death of a shareholder. Medical issues can and often have devastating financial impact on family and Business! Not being able to earn an income makes people spiral quickly downhill.

We're aware that every set of circumstances is different, so we use products and the right advisers so that a plan is customised to fit you. We encourage annual meetings with the relevant professionals to review and update this plan. Things change, and so do plans.