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Self-employed need the same ACC certainty as salaried workers, adviser says

Only one in eight self-employed business owners have opted to specify what weekly compensation ACC would pay them, if they were injured and could no longer work.

And Kevin Smee from financial adviser network MySolutions says it's time for government action to give the self-employed the same certainty over weekly compensation that salaried workers enjoy.

Five Reasons Why You Need a 'Family Board'

When it comes to our financial futures, Kiwis are often under-prepared, under-protected and under-insured. There has been much discussion about whether government policies can solve these challenges, but I believe the best place to start is at the family level.

Kiwis need to take a fresh approach to managing their family finances and the professionals who advise them need to get on board, literally. Kiwi families need a 'family board'. 

Creating the Future - Auckland

Our Future  ‘Green & Growing or Brown & Dying’

Painting the Future of where our industry is going & where we should focus.

Future Relevance

A Claim Delayed

Part of my business involves servicing a number of clients for an older adviser who has retired. I recently reviewed one of these clients – let’s call her Viv. Viv and her husband are in mid & late 50s. Viv earns around $65,000 p.a. but her husband has been in and out of work since being made redundant at age 58. They were under considerable financial pressure.

In the course of our conversation, I asked Viv about an odd blank-like space on her  iris.  She explained that in 2008 she was diagnosed with a melanoma on her iris and it had been surgically removed.

Workplace Laws have Changed

April was a big month for New Zealand businesses as significant changes to workplace legislation came into effect.

The changes are wide-ranging and most have been well publicised. However, given the level of detail involved, you may want to brush up on the nitty-gritty if you’re not overly familiar with it already.


If you have any questions, concerns or are unsure about any advice from our services, please contact our operations manager so that our team can rectify any issues.

The Most Precious Thing

We all recognise the well-known adage that “the most precious thing we have is our health”. Just ask anyone who has lost theirs.

Yet the concept is rather flippantly bandied about when we’re younger and in good health – we don’t value it because we haven’t experienced what it is to NOT have it. As Joni Mitchell sang “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” (Big Yellow Taxi, 1970)

Why You Need Health Insurance

Auckland resident David (possibly not his real name), 82, recently required two relatively minor operations; one to remove skin cancer-type growths from his face, and a second to remove a cyst from his “undercarriage”. The surgery, plus his three-day stay in a private hospital cost just over $20,000. His wait for the operations to be carried out in a public hospital would have been considerable, seriously compromising his quality of life which at his age is already somewhat depleted.

How to Save Big Money on Your Mortgage

Did you know it’s possible to save huge money on your mortgage? As much as 40-percent less interest over the term of your mortgage is not unrealistic. And this adds up to big bucks.

It’s simple to do. Here’s how.

By increasing your repayments, even slightly, the impact on your interest costs will be massive. The key is to repay capital, not interest.

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